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DAY 217 - Hardening, Ungodliness, Disobedience. Why?

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Golden Verse 金句

For if God did not spare the natural branches, neither will he spare you. Romans 11:21

神 既 不 愛 惜 原 來 的 枝 子 , 也 必 不 愛 惜 你 。
                                                                        使徒行傳  11:21

Today's Reading: Romans 11:25-36

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祢讓我生命改變 You Transform My Life

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     What I got from Jesus is: Hardening, ungodliness, disobedience. Why?

     What I received from Jesus today is a very painful situation of us as human beings. Our hearts are partial hardening, our lifestyle is ungodliness and our respond to God's love is disobedience. Is that you?

     Do not think it is not you but other people. We are human beings and this is a fact, and it is about us. Or, we can be in a better position if we are born again, being transformed by the Holy Spirit. If so, we will use everything we have got to help and save those who are in this painful situation. And, even so, sometimes, in some sense, or partially, we still would fall into the same darkness as those non-believers.

     I saw someone last night and she belongs to a famous church. She told me whether I knew the deadly situation of her church. I said I know and I said, "It is historical that a church can fall like that." She said, "Yes, I agree with you." The whole church is being dismantled by pride, argument, lies etc. If pastor and leaders can fall into this "hardening, ungodliness and disobedience, who are we to escape Satan's deadly attack.

     But, today Jesus gives me a pair-up with these three sinful words:
Hardening - Saved
Ungodliness - Covenant
Disobedience - Mercy

     Do you know what Jesus wants to say to you today? Please continue to pray for the brother I mentioned in yesterday's blog. He is exactly the person who falls into this "hardening, ungodliness, disobedience" darkness and he cannot full himself up. If we have enough people to pray for him. His situation will have a 180% turn and he will experience transformation. If not, destruction because he is just like the prodigal son to use his own will to be away from the Father's house and will be under sever attack by Satan! Pray that he can be saved and enter into a new covenant with Jesus. Lord, have mercy on him! 

Dear Lord Jesus,
Lead us not to fall into the darkness of "hardening, ungodliness and disobedience but to be in your love and light each day following you and obeying you totally.   In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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