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DAY 138 - Jesus Comes to Bring Division? Why?

There is some complication for Leslie today, need your prayers!
This is the Message from Nevia, his mother at 11:10p.m. yesterday(May 27 Monday):
He Just finish a surgery around 7p.m. They put glue to mend his leak lung. He should be fine but have to check tomorrow to see if it work or not.
If not, they will cut the part which infected and it will be a big surgery.

Let's pray that Leslie do not need a big surgery.  

He has a small hole in his lung due to the virus attack the past two week and a new bacteria is being found in his lung.  The doctors need to make a decision tomorrow of how to tackle with this "minor" problem.

Golden Verse 金句

And the Lord said, “Who then is the faithful and wise manager, whom his master will set over his household, to give them their portion of food at the proper time?  Blessed is that servant[i]whom his master will find so doing when he comes.  Truly, I say to you, he will set him over all his possessions.
                                  Luke 12:21

主 說 : 誰 是 那 忠 心 有 見 識 的 管 家 , 主 人 派 他 管 理 家 裡 的 人 , 按 時 分 糧 給 他 們 呢 ?
 主 人 來 到 , 看 見 僕 人 這 樣 行 , 那 僕 人 就 有 福 了 。

我 實 在 告 訴 你 們 , 主 人 要 派 他 管 理 一 切 所 有 的 。              路加福音 12:42-44
Today's Reading: Luke 12:49-59

Please read Luke 12:49-59 and listen to what the Lord Jesus Christ would like to tell you before reading my Spiritual Journal below. If you would like to learn a simple and good way of Daily Devotion method please read my “Count Down 5” from my Devotion on Fire blog:

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I Will Run to You

Chinese praise song -
祢讓我生命改變 You Transform My Life

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     What I got from Jesus is: Jesus comes to bring division? Why?
     What I received from Jesus today is something we may not understand at all.

     We all know that the most important thing for Jesus is unity. That's why John Stott says that John 17 is the most important chapter of the whole Bible. But, why Jesus said something here quite opposite to what He teaches?

     If you go to my Discipler123 blog today you will find out that we are talking about the new Life of being Christians: 

     For those who are not following Jesus and having a intimate personal relationship with Him, they just don't understand. They cannot understand this Life, they are against this Life and they are going to do anything they can to avoid this Life to happen.

     That's why we have fathers killing their own sons and daughters in Middle East when their children becomes Christians. Some of them are being poisoned, some of their eyes are being taken out and were blind, some of them are are being tortured and then killed.

    But, just as those apostles being caught into prison, real disciples of Jesus do not afraid of any kind of persecution. 

    That's how Jesus comes to bring division! 

Dear Lord Jesus,
Lead us to have the courage to follow you and do not afraid of any persecution.  Help us to live this new Life well. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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Happy Day (Tim Hughes)

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因主的名 Because of your Name

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