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DAY 379 - Sabbaths- Let God to Take Command

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Today's Reading: Exodus 31

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我 要 在 那 裡 與 你 們 相 會 , 和 你 們 說 話 。
 我 要 在 那 裡 與 以 色 列 人 相 會 , 會 幕 就 要 因 我 的 榮 耀 成 為 聖 。

                                                             出 埃 及 記 29:42-43

 where I will meet with you, to speak to you there. There I will meet with the people of Israel, and it shall be sanctified by my glory. 
                                                              Exodus 29:42-43

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    What I got today from Jesus is: Let God to take command

    What I heard from Jesus today is a very important call to let God to take command. You may say, "Why? Is that what we as Christians have been doing? Jesus is Lord. Of course we let God to take command."

    My answer is that we think that we let God to take command. But, in reality, we rarely let God to take command. Unless, may be in some big crisis an we'll say, "Oh! Oh! Jesus helps me! I am not in control!"

    Last year I went to Regent College to listen to a talk "Genesis Through Ancient Eyes" by Professor John Walton. It was such an inspiring talk! Later I bought one of his books "The Lost World of Genesis One". There I got a new understanding of Sabbaths. John Walton says:

    In the ancient world rest is what results when a crisis has been resolved or when stability has been achieved, when things have "settled down"
    The Hebrew verb "Sabat" from which our term "sabbath" is derived has the basic meaning of "ceasing"… The verb involves entering a position of safety, security or stability and the noun refers to the place where that is found
    His "rest" is located in his "resting place" in Psalm 132, which also identifies it as the temple from which he rules.  After creation, God takes up his rest and rules from his residence
     Like the American White House, it is the hub of authority and control.  It is where the work of running the country takes place.  When a newly elected president looks forward to taking up his residence in the White House, it is not simply so he can kick off his shoes and snooze in the Lincoln bedroom.  It is so he can begin the work of running the country.  Thus in ancient terms the president "takes up his rest" in the White House.  This is far from relaxation.  the turmoil and uncertainty of the election is over, and now he can settle down to the important business at hand
    The role of the temple in the ancient world is not primarily a place for people to gather in worship like modern churches. It is a place for the deity - sacred space.  It is his home, but more importantly his headquarters - the control room .  When the deity rests in the temple it means that he is taking command, that he is mounting to his throne to assume his rightful place and his proper role.

    So, now you understand why those people who did not obey Sabbaths were stoned to death. It is because it symbolize that they did not allow God to be God. 

    Sabbaths is beyond the command that you can't do your work on Sundays and need to go to church. Sabbaths is to train God's people to totally obey what God says and let God to take command.

    Yes, you need to go to church on Sundays. But, you can choose to go to church on Saturdays or Wednesday, just like the Emmanuel 330 I planted almost three years ago mainly for Chinese Restaurant workers, every Wednesday 3:30p.m. to 5p.m. Sabbaths is beyond what day you go to church. Sabbaths is concerning with your relationship to God. Whether you really let Him to take command. When He says Go, then you Go. When He says rest, then you rest. When He says Stop, then you Stop! 

Dear Lord Jesus,
Lead us to be willing to let you to take command.  In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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